6 Amazon Echo accessories you never knew existed (but should definitely check out!)

6 Amazon Echo accessories you never knew existed (but should definitely check out!)

Amazon’s Echo line already is pretty good. But for just a few bucks more you can make your Echo even better.

So you’ve got an Amazon Echo ($179.99). Or maybe (or more likely) the less-expensive Echo Dot ($49.99). Or maybe even a newfangled Echo Show ($229.99). That’s just the start of things. Turns out there’s a burgeoning accessory ecosystem that’s actually full of useful things that make your Echo just a little bit better.

And none of it breaks the bank.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the things you definitely should give a gander if you’ve got a new Echo.

Echo Dot Case

Let’s face it — the Echo Dot ain’t much of a looker. Fortunately, Amazon sells some clothes for this little guy. The fabric cases run $10, and the leather ones are about $20. While that’s a good chunk of the price of the Echo Dot itself, it goes a long way to turning the plastic puck into something you don’t mind folks seeing in your living room.

Do take care that you’re getting the right one, though. If your Echo Dot only has two buttons, it’s a first-generation Dot. The second-gen Dot sports four buttons.

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Portable Battery Case for original Echo

Why would you want this instead of an Amazon Tap, which is meant to be portable? Well, for one, you already own an Echo and don’t want to spend another $100 and change. Another reason would be that I’ve just never been that crazy about the Amazon Tap, and I’ve owned one from the start.

So that’s where this little guy comes in. This is an extra $50, but it’s definitely less expensive than adding a Tap to your Echo arsenal. It’s got a rubberized base that fits on the bottom…

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