10 years ago today, Apple and iPhone changed our world

10 years ago today, Apple and iPhone changed our world

Ten years ago today Apple shipped a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet device. But it wasn’t three products. It was one product. And we got it, Steve. We got iPhone.

On June 28, 2007, Apple shipped the original iPhone. People had been waiting outside for days in lineups that ran for blocks. Anticipation was off the charts. Competitors were nervously dismissing it as a over-reaching and over-priced. Media was calling it the Jesus Phone.

Steve Jobs had put sneaker to stage only six months earlier to introduce it. The most incredible keynote presentations of his life—a life filled with incredible keynote presentations—and in the history of consumer electronics, he’d taken a moment before he started to assemble the team and tell them to remember the moment: The moment before iPhone. Because, in the next moment, everything would change.

During the keynote Jobs said it was rare enough for a company to revolutionize even one product category. Apple had already revolutionized two: Computers with the Mac and personal music players with the iPod. With the iPhone they’d be going for three.

He set up and knocked down the physical keyboard and the stylus, features that dominated the BlackBerry, Motorola, and Palm smartphones of the day. Then Jobs introduced the multitouch interface that let the iPhone smoothly pinch-to-zoom, the physics-based interactivity that included inertial scrolling and rubber banding, and the multitasking that let him move seamlessly from music to call to web to email and back.

They were technologies that would one day become commonplace…

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