10 great photo apps to make the most of the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera

10 great photo apps to make the most of the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a brand new dual camera system featuring a telephoto lens with optical image stabilization, and it’s the first dual-cam phone system with stabilization on the zoom lens. But it’s also a powerful phone on its own, running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system chip, and equipped with 6 GB of RAM.

And chances are that people who buy it, will do so because of either the S Pen or the dual camera (otherwise, just go and get a Galaxy S8+, which is much cheaper and offers identical performance and design).

To make the best out of that camera and out of that S Pen, we recommend you 10 high-quality photo apps to turn your snaps into memorable photographs and why not even get them ready for print and hang them on your wall? With no further ado, here is our selection of 10 camera and photo apps for the Note 8.


PicsArt allows you to make full use of the S Pen: you can draw with great precision and use differents brushes, colors and tools. But it’s not just about drawing, you can use the S Pen for careful cropping and selection while editing pictures, and you just have more granular and precise control over every little step in the editing process, so that it becomes not just editing, but creating.


Snapseed is our go-to photo editor on Android: the app is owned by Google, has solid performance, extremely convenient touch-based interface and is updated regularly with new features and functionalities. On the Note 8, you can be extra precise in your Snapseed photo edits by using the S Pen: you can drop points at an exact location and you can jot text on top of your…

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